Our Story


When Auntie Delight decided to do some good and serve her specially prepared kenkey meal  for free at a church organized medical outreach for underprivileged communities in Achimota and Adabraka, her benevolent act was truly "well behaved" and her kenkey became the talk of town. Seeing the opportunity for a better prepared, hygenic alternative to the declining quality of kenkey on the market, Gold Coast Kenkey was born. Gold Coast Kenkey combines their specially prepared  kenkey with an innovative palette of fantastic accompaniments. The name Gold Coast Kenkey  captures the equity and originality of the former Ghana and the  quality of Gold which speaks of excellence.

Our People


Pastor Mrs Delight Ofori Addo (Auntie Delight) has been an entrepreneur all her life. From being an enterprising seamstress in her early years to trading and setting up a jewellery factory, she has become a seasoned entrepreneur. When she saw an opportunity to serve better kenkey to the masses, she partnered with her son Michael to start Gold Coast Kenkey. She works as quality control manager at Gold Coast Kenkey.


Michael is a marketing consultant focused on brand strategy and business growth. With over a decade of experience helping other business grow, he co-founded Gold Coast Kenkey together with his parents. In a busy and noisy market where many products have become commodities, people need a genuine and authentic reason reason to care enough to buy. Michael runs Pedigree - a brand strategy consultancy which helps businesses leverage brand thinking and design implementation to grow their businesses. He works as general manager at Gold Coast Kenkey.


We believe in excellence - doing the right thing and doing things the right way. That's why we recruit for attitude, respect, integrity and Ghanaian values. With an administrative staff, supervisors, kitchen staff , waiters and our dispatch riders working together, we are committed to delivering party in the mouth experiences to all our customers.

Our Brand - "Well Behaved"

It starts with Ghanaian values.
Doing the right thing and
Doing things the right way.
Courtesy, the proverbial
Ghanaian hospitality,
random acts of kindness,
and the spirit of excellence.
"Welcome. Akwaaaba
Thank You. Please. In Ghana
We are "well behaved"
And so when it comes to kenkey
We decided to do it the right way
Hot, soft, smooth and "together"
We are combining kenkey with
fantastic accompaniments.
Starting a party in your mouth
And taking your senses
On a journey to heaven.
Enjoy well behaved kenkey.
A meal to share for all.